The Warrior Song- Army

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Uploaded by on Oct 19, 2010

Dedicated to all members of the U.S Army. This is a song made by the Warriorproject, I just made a different video.





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  • Hooah to my US Army brothers.

    from an old retired Marine>

  • Hooah

    Rangers Lead The Way!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • @MrChestypuller1775 Good luck to you Chesty and don't forget to duck if you wind up in a combat zone. I am the first one in my family to go to war twice and I am also the first one not to come back with a purple heart.

  • @soundhitman I honestly did not see that arrogant minded comment. I had just read yours. My apologies. Don't listen to him, there's is a large competition of which branch is better, but i say they both are. All 6 branches do an equal part, and can be pretty badass. Some just have a little more pride on theirs than another.

  • @gunnergrunt69 lol my dad did 20 in the usmc and im hoping to do the same

  • @MrChestypuller1775 20 and some change.

  • @darian617 dude i respect every branch too im just trying to put this fruit in his place because hes ripping on my branch, like were ussless rejcts

  • Unbelievable! You are all Americans fighting for the same cause and to keep America free. What does it matter what branch of service is better than the other? They are all trained to perform a specific task and work together as a team to get the job done, whatever it is! I'm so damn proud of these brave fighting men and women. I just don't get when you fight amongst each other. It makes no sense to me!

  • We serve the same country u inbred hicks stfu and get on I joined the army and yes we can be compared to the marines. We get the same training on the art of killing and marines get it heads out of ur ass

  • @gunnergrunt69 really? how many years did you do in the Army?

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